Cyber Monday Plant Sale and 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Cyber Monday brings 40% off on all plants and painted plant pots on Etsy. PLUS a FREE 4 inch epiphyllum (orchid cactus family) cutting with all coupon purchases while supplies last.

Code for 40% off on Cyber Monday is CYBERPLANTSALE21 – you need to enter the code at checkout to get 40% off plus the clipping.

Giving Tuesday– Dog art proceeds will be donated to Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary Senior Whiskers Program.

NEXT UP: 12 DAYS of Christmas Sale Starts December 1st:

Partridge Aloe

Day 1 (December 1st) : 50% off Partridge Aloe plants

Happy Bean Peperomia

Day 2 (December 2nd) 50% off Happy Bean Peperomia plant

Santa Paws photo print

Day 3 (December 3rd): 50% off Santa Paws photo prints

Hand painted daylily ornaments

Day 4 (December 4th): 50% off daylily ornaments

Hand painted daylily pot

Day 5 (December 5th): 50% off painted plant pot with gold daylily

Crassula Mesembryanthemoides

Day 6 (December 6th): 50% off Crassula mesembryanthemoides

Petrified Forest Blue Mesa photo print

Day 7 (December 7th): 50% off Petrified Forest photo prints

Mama Cuna daylily painting photo prints

Day 8 (December 8th): 50% off Mama Cuna photo prints

December 8th is also CO Gives day. 15% of revenue for this day will be donated to the Ute Indian Museum.

Purple Heart plant (have grown a lot since photo was taken)

Day 9 (December 9th): 50% off Purple Heart plant

Skinwalker daylily photo prints

Day 10 (December 10th): 50% off Skinwalker daylily painting photo prints

Rex Begonia painted plant pot

Day 11 (December 11th): 50% off Rex Begonia painted daylily pot

1 Pencil Cactus cutting (pot shown has 3 cuttings)

Day 12 (December 12th): 50% off Pencil Cactus cuttings


Please contact me if you have any questions!

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I am an advanced practice registered nurse living in Montrose, Colorado. I am a life-long student of resilience, optimism, and positive psychology. Blogging about flowers creates balance and happiness in life

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