Art from the Hartt in Downtown Montrose, CO

I am so excited to announce that Art from the Hartt now has a location in beautiful Downtown Montrose, CO!!! This is a real dream come true. My vision has always been to have a presence downtown. It took years of dreaming and another year of planning to make it happen – but it is reality. I also get to staff the shop once a week. It will be so cool to meet new people as they come through the shop.

Creative Corner is an artesian coop – so it is a collective of 20 or so local artists and craftspeople who join forces to have a shop in downtown Montrose. I am so honored to be part of this group. It looks like I will be doing a lot of the social media stuff for the shop, as well.

For my contribution to the shop, I plan to have the following in inventory:

Wall art – photos and paintings

Notecards and Greeting Cards

Painted Pots


Leaf art

COMING SOON: Hand-painted tile clocks with local scenes, pets, flowers


The Creative Corner shop is located at 344 Main Street in Montrose, CO. The phone number is (970) 252-1185. Hours are generally 10-5 Mon-Sat. Please stop by and say hi!

The Etsy shop will continue in operation, as well. So, if you aren’t in Montrose and/or want your item shipped, please visit Art from the Hartt on Etsy.

Published by coloradokiddaylilies

I am an advanced practice registered nurse living in Montrose, Colorado. I am a life-long student of resilience, optimism, and positive psychology. Blogging about flowers creates balance and happiness in life

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