About Colorado Kid Daylilies

Hi, I am Cathy Hartt! In addition to art, I grow 180+ different varieties of daylily! I blog (www.coloradokiddaylilies.com) almost every day during bloom season. I also blog about houseplants during the cooler months.

I use my daylily photos as a basis for my artwork. I want to invite you to follow my blog because that is where you will see photos of which daylilies I may have available in the spring/fall. Also, you can special order a painting of any of my daylily photos.

I am not a grower. I use the name Colorado Kid after a daylily that I have in my collection – and because I am in Colorado. I do sell extra plant fans when they are available. I specialize in Ned Roberts spiders and daylilies with Southwest US names. Please follow my daylily blog to join the gardening adventure!

Email or Facebook message me for more info: Cathy.Hartt55@gmail.com or like Art from the Hartt on Facebook.

Daylily Chaco Canyon
Daylily Dream Keeper
Daylily Mama Cuna
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