Flowers in February SALE!

Winter is winding down. I feel the warmth of the sun in the afternoon. But, still, it is February. The #groundhog saw his shadow. #springiscoming but it isn’t quite here yet.

When I lived in #LyonsCo, one of the local artists had a #FlowersinFebruary art show every year. I, for one, thrive on color. I miss my #DaylilyGarden. In the words of the #MamasandPapas – “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.”

Fast Forward to Spring – Flowers in February Sale 20% OFF all month on Etsy! #fastforwardtospring

So, let’s add some color! On sale this month – I have my #originalart and #photoprints. The #paintings are done in #acrylic on 8×8 #woodpanels. All are based on photos of my own #garden in #MontroseCo. The #photoprints are taken of the #originalpaintings.

Original art – Mesa Verde Daylily in acrylic
A few of our paintings and photo prints currently available on Etsy

I also have painted pots with daylilies and #begonias on them on sale this month! These are handpainted with base colors in #chalkpaint and the flower in bright acrylic paint. The sizes vary from 2.5 inches to 6 inches. Daylilies depicted include #RubySpider, #MiniPearl, #BelaLugosi, #PrimalScream, #cripplecreek and the begonia is #firewoman.

6 inch painted pot with saucer – Ruby Spider Daylily
Here are some examples of the painted pots currently available in my Etsy shop

I also still have #ornaments that are not necessarily for #Christmas. My daughter hangs hers from the curtain rod as #accentdecor. I think these would look great in the #summergarden, as well. These are handpainted #chalkpaint base with #brilliantacrylic flowers on a resilient plastic ornament. Daylilies depicted are #BlackIce, #SantaFeChristmas, #SantasPants and #CandyCaneDreams. Perfect for #ChristmasinJuly

Santa Fe Christmas daylily ornament
Video showing our ornaments available at Etsy

Our #PositivePsychology #greetingcards feature my original #daylilyart and #southwesternart with the themes of #flourish, #hope and #resilience. I offer some great prices for multiple cards – so February is a great time to stock up. #daylilycards

Positive Psychology Greeting Cards
Video of our positive psychology greeting cards

I also have a #vintagesaucepan with a daylily painted on the base. This would be great #gardendecor or for a #creativekitchen theme. The daylily depicted is #ElDesperado. The base is chalk paint with a stunning acrylic flower.

Green vintage saucepan with El Desperado Daylily

Don’t miss our Flowers in February Sale on Etsy! Shop today!

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Positive Psychology Greeting Cards – Now available!

Positive Psychology greeting cards

Colorful positive psychology greeting cards featuring our original art. Positive psychology concepts, such as flourishing, hope and resilience. Related quotes inside each card. See video for more details. Order on my Etsy Shop at this link.

Daylily Art: My Current Listings

It is a cold, snowy New Years’ day. So, I took the opportunity to do a short video of all my current daylily products, including the following:

  • Original painted wood panels
  • Photo prints of original paintings
  • Hand painted flower pots
  • Painted tiles
  • Tile coasters

For more information, questions, or special orders, please email me or visit my Etsy Store.

A New Year and a New Vlog!

Wow! It is next year somewhere, so I am sipping wine and eating chocolate cake.

I am also sharing my first vlog video – a little tour of the “art cove” where I produce my art. It is actually an old workbench in my 1940’s built home. Yes, that is PVC running through it! I also want to wish readers a Happy New Year and look forward to more vlogs throughout the year.

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The Midwife’s Nursery and Brightly Painted Plant Pots.

Twas the week after Christmas, when all through the nursery, many cuttings were rooting with outstanding diversity.

Winter bloom on angel wing begonia

Yet, as the winter temperature fall, the daylight becomes longer. Warmer weather is coming soon enough. And I’m gearing up for it already in The Midwife’s Nursery. That’s the NEW name of Art from the Hartt’s plant nursery. Visit my Etsy Shop at the icon below to check out all listings.

Navy 4 inch terra cotta pots with gold daylily
Turquoise 4 inch terra cotta pots with purple begonia leaf

As we wait for those roots to grow and days to warm up, I’m focusing on building my inventory of art. December seems to be pot month. While I live in Colorado, I mean painted plant pots.

Miniature 2.5 inch terra cotta pots with daylily designs
Another style of mini plant pot with orange daylily
Another fairy garden size pot with red daylily

IDK about you, but I find winter to be dreary. I need color. I cherish my winter blooming houseplants but miss my daylilies. So, I decided on painted pots with bright daylily blooms. I also have a batch with purple and silver Rex Begonia leaves. Each pot comes with a 20% discount on a future plant purchase from The Midwife’s Nursery department.

This is a 6 inch terra cotta pots with a red daylily

I also painted this vintage saucepan with a daylily. Wouldn’t this look cool in the kitchen or garden?

Vintage saucepan with decorative daylily

BTW, I should mention that all my terra cotta pots are sealed inside with modge podge and painted with a base of chalk paint, giving them a very matte finish. The flowers are acrylic and really stand out from the background.

Art from the Hartt art cove area

From spring, I’ll be featuring more vintage planters, redecorated. You will get an option to include a plant once the weather warms. TTFN.

Coleus propagation station

The Holidays and Wellbeing

The holidays can be such a stressful and either too-busy or feeling-lonely time. Or, both. I know I have spent a lot of time creating sales and putting them on social media. It is time to soften it a little and focus on our mission of improving wellbeing through art and nature.

I am doing two things from not until Christmas (or December 25th, if you celebrate a different Holiday). First, I am putting all my paintings, photo/art prints, and photography on a 25% off sale. Find these in my Etsy shop here.

Second, I am going to send wellbeing quotes daily via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These are my favorite quotes from the field of positive psychology. I will include some photos of my plants, but not necessarily ones I am selling. The focus is totally on the beauty of wellbeing.

Let’s get started with the first quote:

“It’s not the mountain that stops you, it is the pebble in your shoe.”

Mountain Climber Saying from Pursuing the Good Life by Chris Peterson

Begonia photo

At the end of the season, I will look to see which quotes received the most likes on WordPress, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I will be putting the top three into greeting cards that I will sell next year (that will feature my art). I will offer discount coupons for the cards to those who like the winning quotes.

Happy Gratitude Day

I hope all our our followers had a peaceful and grateful day no matter where you live or who you are. Here is my annual gratitude quote video. It features my daylilies (this year I picked orange) and my dogs. The quote is out of The Little Book of Gratitude by Dr Robert Emmons.

Southwest Paintings

I am in love with Southwest travel. I go at least once a year. The winter months bring me joy when I can paint my road trips to share with the world. Here are the original paintings I currently have available.

Please check this post for a full listing of Southwest photography that is currently available – and to get full information on our Black Friday week/Cyber Monday sales events!

8X8 Paintings and Photo Prints

Blue Mesa Painted Desert National Monument – painting and photo prints
Morning Drive through Valley of the Gods painting and photo prints

4×6 Giclee Prints of original paintings

Dead Horse Point
Monument Valley
Catalina State Park

Visit my Etsy store for current listings and pricing!

Dog Art!

Available while supplies last during our week-long Black Friday sale. Coupon for additional savings info here.

I love my dogs – they are my companions every day of my life. The animal lover in me just had to add some caricatures of my fur tribe to my line-up of art. Who doesn’t love Chihuahuas and Terriers?

Santa Paws – Chihuahuas in winter clothes – photo prints only
Chihuahua Party – Fun dog birthday painting and photo prints
Small Terrier in her Pom Pom Pajamas

For more information on my Black Friday sale – click here.

To visit my Etsy shop, click the icon below.