Black Friday Sale – all week long!

This Santa has been busy in the workshop! I have lots of cool gift items in the shop now – and I have knocked 20% off all of my inventory through Thanksgiving weekend.

For additional savings on Black Friday only – please see details at this link.

Items include:

Daylily ornaments

Daylily Ornaments

Southwest Art (original hand painted art)

Petrified Forest Blue Mesa original painting

Daylily and Nature Art

Mama Cuna Daylily Painting

New: Hand Painted Dog Portraits (More to be added soon)

Chihuahua Party original painting

NEW: Hand Painted Plant Pots! (More to be added soon!)

Begonia Pots

We still have a variety of succulents and other houseplants available – heat packs are included during the cold months – come visit our Etsy Store today to shop our selection for Black Friday!

We have a variety of succulents and other houseplants

Visit our Etsy Shop for Black Friday and save on our great Christmas gifts!

Chihuahua Party Painting

Check out this item in my Etsy shop – I just added my first dog painting. Well, I’ve painted lots of dogs on murals but never sold my pup’s sweet faces.

This one features Sazi at my other dog’s birthday party last spring. People love her tongue. I also have $12 photo prints of the painting available.×8-wood-panel-original

Mama Cuna and the Banana Yucca

I finished another stunning daylily today. This is Mama Cuna posing with my banana yucca. I love the color combo of red-purple and the green-aqua yucca leaves.

Mama Cuna and the Banana Yucca painting

Like my other paintings, this one is based on photos from my own yard. This is an 8×8 wood panel with lively acrylic paint.

Here she is in process. I hadn’t don’t the rock bed for a while. Actually, a challenging background. The yucca were fun, especially the spines!

Just a beginning
Got yucca?

Look for the listing on Etsy after 11/3/21. On a budget? I’ll be offering photo prints, as well.

Skinwalker Daylily Painting plus Photo Prints

Here is what’s new at Art from the Hartt store on Etsy.

Skinwalker original 8×8 painting (and photo prints) coming soon.
Nurse’s Stethoscope daylily photo prints
Canyon Colors daylily 8×8 photo print
Land of Enchantment 8×8 photo print
Daylily Christmas ornaments: Candy Cane Dreams, Santa Fe Christmas, Desert Icicle, Santa’s Pants

Original Hand Painted Petrified Forest Blue Mesa 8×8 panel on Etsy!

I am so excited to be expanding my #southwestscenic #paintings – Finally time to make #handpainted #artwork based on my #roadtripphotos. This one is the #PaintedDesert #BlueMesa hike area. I also have #costeffective #artprints of the painting available. #nationalpark #southwest #PetrifiedForest #Arizona #geography #desert #wallart #Etsy×8

The Artwork is Cooking

Art (and Nature) from the Hartt is ramping up for business. I have been painting to begin to build inventory. I will start with daylily and succulent paintings. I plan tiles of various sizes and shapes, wooden wall art, canvas as well as some painted plant pots. There will be small goodies, as well – like knobs and light switch covers. Over the next few months, I will add some framed scenic oil paintings of the Southwest. Here are some examples of what I am working on.

Coaster tile of daylily Land of Enchantment
Another coaster in process. This is Canyon Colors
Maya Cha Cha on a larger black tile.

Plants also available (locally for now) Tiger Kitten begonia, several colors of coleus, a variety of succulents. If you live in the Montrose, CO area and are interested – please email

I will make every effort to update weekly and let you know when the Etsy store is open! In the mean time, I have dozens of daylilies blooming every day. For plant lovers, please follow our daylily blog at I add new photos daily (or close).

Visions of the Southwest

This page features some samples of my paintings of the Southwest. I have done everything from coasters to wall paintings to murals. I am getting ready to gear up and offer some similar items in my Etsy store starting Summer 2021. Please follow us on Facebook for real-time updates.

Coaster – Ute Indian Museum Teepee, Montrose, CO
Medium tile decorative artwork – Colorado National Monument
Gates of Lodore Rock Painting
Oil painting – Dead Horse Point, UT
Oil painting, Monument Valley, AZ
Just for fun – my back yard mural of Monument Valley (and my dogs)
Pueblo section of back yard mural
Mural – Little Chief

Paintings from the Garden

These photos are a sampler of my garden paintings over the years. These are not currently for sale, but I will be offering similar works starting Summer 2021. If you like a style and want to preorder, please contact me.

Small coaster tile – Daylily Mesa Verde
Samples of small coaster tiles – all are daylilies in this photo
Medium decorative tile – Zuni Thunderbird
Med-large decorative tile – Ruby Spider
Daylily garden stepping stones – mine are about 5 years old now and going strong – This one is Glen Eyrie
Stepping Stone – Zuni Thunderbird daylily

A Sampler of our Plants!

New beginnings! This spring and summer, I will be offering succulents. Right now, I have Campfire Crassula, Partridge Aloe, and Paper Spine Cactus. I have cuttings of several types of succulent, as well.

Campfire Crassula
Paper Spine Cactus
Partridge Aloe
Cactus cuttings – this is an Echeveria that came from Tucson (a road trip) originally.

I also will have several varieties of bromeliad pups available during the summer. These photos are a few of my growing pups today. They enjoy summer outside, even in dry Colorado.

Right now, my begonias are just starting to be propagated – I do have a couple ready for adoption (below):

Tiger Kitten Begonia
Marmaduke Begonia
Autumn’s Best Begonia

I have a few miscellaneous other houseplants, including some orchids that need some TLC.

Stromanthe cutting – huge with well established roots!
A wide variety of coleus cuttings or small plants

In the fall, I will have numerous daylilies available for sale (bareroot). Many of mine have intriguing Southwestern names! What is in bloom today? Please follow our daylily blog and let me know if you want me to try to reserve a certain bloom for you!

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Daylily Mesa Verde from my yard last summer

I make every effort to keep this page updated – however, starting 7/21, my Etsy page will be the best place to check out my current stock. Until then, if you would like to preorder any of these plants, please contact me.