A Sampler of our Plants!

New beginnings! This spring and summer, I will be offering succulents. Right now, I have Campfire Crassula, Partridge Aloe, and Paper Spine Cactus. I have cuttings of several types of succulent, as well.

Campfire Crassula
Paper Spine Cactus
Partridge Aloe
Cactus cuttings – this is an Echeveria that came from Tucson (a road trip) originally.

I also will have several varieties of bromeliad pups available during the summer. These photos are a few of my growing pups today. They enjoy summer outside, even in dry Colorado.

Right now, my begonias are just starting to be propagated – I do have a couple ready for adoption (below):

Tiger Kitten Begonia
Marmaduke Begonia
Autumn’s Best Begonia

I have a few miscellaneous other houseplants, including some orchids that need some TLC.

Stromanthe cutting – huge with well established roots!
A wide variety of coleus cuttings or small plants

In the fall, I will have numerous daylilies available for sale (bareroot). Many of mine have intriguing Southwestern names! What is in bloom today? Please follow our daylily blog and let me know if you want me to try to reserve a certain bloom for you!

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Daylily Mesa Verde from my yard last summer

I make every effort to keep this page updated – however, starting 7/21, my Etsy page will be the best place to check out my current stock. Until then, if you would like to preorder any of these plants, please contact me.