The Midwife’s Nursery

Hi, I am Cathy Hartt and I am a nurse-midwife. I helped birth many babies before starting

Art from the Hartt

My art store initially got into selling plants on Etsy so I would have enough listings, but since then they have become my top-selling item. So, I decided to name my plant department “The Midwife’s Nursery.” Please visit my Etsy store at the link below for the most up-to-date listings.

Since I am not a large or commercial nursery, I sell a few specialty plants both online and locally. I specialize in the following:

  • Begonias – Rhizomatous and Angel wing, mostly
  • Succulents – Epiphyllum and assorted others
  • Bromeliads – when I have extra pups.
  • Coleus – Several unusual color variaties


I also offer brightly painted plant pots – with every pot purchase, you receive a 20% off coupon for your next plant purchase. Please visit my Etsy Shop under the “painted pot” section.

Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus
Bromeliad in bloom
Rhizomatous Begonia


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