Our Spring 2022 Plant Sale List

These plants will go on sale starting April 2022. Plants ordered in April will be shipped (without a heat pack) in early May to avoid the risk of cold weather. Once a plant is in-stock on Etsy, I will link it here. Most plants are 10% off during the April pre-order event! Grab yours now!

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Begonias are the love of The Midwife’s Nursery! I grow and sell begonias that do well in most climates. I use descriptors and/or official names for my plant list. See listing photos by clicking the links.

Slide show photos show listing photos – please click the link for Etsy listing photos.

Coleus (more varieties coming soon – named by colors): See listing photos by clicking links

Slide show #1 Pink and cream large leaf, #2 Mauve tipped leaf, #3 Orange leaf Carnival, #4 Pink vein leaf, #5 Purple ruffle leaf, #6 Rose tipped leaf (more photos coming soon)

Succulents: See listing photos by clicking links

Slide show #1 Crested cactus, #2 Happy Bean, #3 Epiphyllum Queen of the Night (white)

Miscellaneous Houseplants/ Bromeliads: See listing photos by clicking links

Daylilies and Garden Plants: See listing photos by clicking links

This page will be updated frequently during the growing season. I will be adding daylilies, iris, bromeliads, and more. As I am a small home-based business, quantities/availability can change quickly. My Etsy shop has the most current listings. Happy gardening.


Cyber Monday Plant Sale and 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Cyber Monday brings 40% off on all plants and painted plant pots on Etsy. PLUS a FREE 4 inch epiphyllum (orchid cactus family) cutting with all coupon purchases while supplies last.

Code for 40% off on Cyber Monday is CYBERPLANTSALE21 – you need to enter the code at checkout to get 40% off plus the clipping.

Giving Tuesday– Dog art proceeds will be donated to Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary Senior Whiskers Program.

NEXT UP: 12 DAYS of Christmas Sale Starts December 1st:

Partridge Aloe

Day 1 (December 1st) : 50% off Partridge Aloe plants

Happy Bean Peperomia

Day 2 (December 2nd) 50% off Happy Bean Peperomia plant

Santa Paws photo print

Day 3 (December 3rd): 50% off Santa Paws photo prints

Hand painted daylily ornaments

Day 4 (December 4th): 50% off daylily ornaments

Hand painted daylily pot

Day 5 (December 5th): 50% off painted plant pot with gold daylily

Crassula Mesembryanthemoides

Day 6 (December 6th): 50% off Crassula mesembryanthemoides

Petrified Forest Blue Mesa photo print

Day 7 (December 7th): 50% off Petrified Forest photo prints

Mama Cuna daylily painting photo prints

Day 8 (December 8th): 50% off Mama Cuna photo prints

December 8th is also CO Gives day. 15% of revenue for this day will be donated to the Ute Indian Museum.

Purple Heart plant (have grown a lot since photo was taken)

Day 9 (December 9th): 50% off Purple Heart plant

Skinwalker daylily photo prints

Day 10 (December 10th): 50% off Skinwalker daylily painting photo prints

Rex Begonia painted plant pot

Day 11 (December 11th): 50% off Rex Begonia painted daylily pot

1 Pencil Cactus cutting (pot shown has 3 cuttings)

Day 12 (December 12th): 50% off Pencil Cactus cuttings


Please contact me if you have any questions!mailto:cathy.hartt55@gmail.com

Plant Care Videos from The Midwife’s Nursery

I am working on making videos for the various houseplants that I sell on Etsy. I will be adding to these over time. I specialize in epiphyllum cactus varieties, rhizomatous begonias, various succulents and I have a few bromeliads. I will also add the outdoor plants I sell – right now, this is daylily, iris, banana yucca, and a few native southwest US plants. I am a small home-based nursery, so my selections vary with the availability of plants to propagate. Please enjoy the videos and let me know if there are specific ones you want to be added. Also, please follow Art from the Hartt on YouTube for my latest updates. #Houseplantcareinstructions #orchidcactus #queenofthenight

Epiphyllum Cactus Rooting and Care Instructions
Euphorbia Tirucalli Rooting and Care Instructions

Colorado and Southwest Travel Blog/Vlog

#Ilovetotravel! If I was younger, I might become a #vanlife person. Instead, I am a #HondaFit and a #tent person. I travel mainly with my three #chihuahuamix #dogs.

Late winter brings an annual trip to #Moab, UT. We visit the #BirthRock, #DeadHorsePointStatePark, #Canyonlands, #Arches and more. Then come the spring #canyonhikes and #dayhikes close to home. In April, we take a #roadtrip to the #SonoranDesert and back to #SouthwestColorado.

Then comes #campingseason. Generally, we camp a couple times a month. In summer, there is also a #campingroadtrip that is about a week of adventure. Camping season runs from May until early October, depending on the weather.

Why share that here on my Art from the Hartt site? Well, because I figure if you like my Colorado and Southwest photography and art, you will appreciate the stories behind them. I have been blogging about my travels for my grandkids, Maia and Isaac, for years and my blog is very much public. Please visit us here (Traveling Grandma and the Pup Crew). My dogs’ names are Kachina, Sazi, and Moki.

Starting 2022, I will be vlogging about my adventures and posting to YouTube, as well as sharing here. Please follow me on YouTube for the latest posts!

Travel Blog 2.22.22 from #MoabUT #DeadHorsePoint and #Canyonlands
#LyonsPark #MoabUtah #Travelvlog 2.23.22 #meetmydogs #rescuedogs #disableddogs #travelwithdogs
#ArchesNationalPark #TravelVlog 2.24.22 #Travelwithdogs #dogfriendlytravel #Archeswithsnow
#UtahHighway128 #ColoradoRiver #Utah #travelvlog 2.24.22 #moabtocisco

More to Come SOON!

Positive Psychology Blog/Vlog

#Positivepsychology is the evidence-based science of #humanflourishing. Back in 2004/2005, I took a course from Dr. Martin #Seligman, Ph.D. called Authentic Happiness Coaching. I learned so many tools to keep myself #happy and #flourishing. I decided to reenact the #happinessexercises we did every week. And, I am vlogging to share my knowledge and experience.

I generally vlog on the weekend or during travel. I try to make the scenery interesting! I will also be vlogging from the #daylilygarden once summer gets closer.

Follow me on Youtube for my latest vlogs and videos

Reenacting #AuthenticHappinessCoaching: Intro
Authentic Happiness Coaching Reenactment: Week 1 Positive Introductions
Authentic Happiness Coaching Reenactment: Week 2 #VIAStrengths Test
Authentic Happiness Coaching Reenactment: Week 3 How Happy are You? #happinesstesting
Authentic Happiness Coaching Reenactment: Week 4 #ThreeBlessingsExercise #Threegoodthings #HTGS #MoabUT

Flowers in February SALE!

Winter is winding down. I feel the warmth of the sun in the afternoon. But, still, it is February. The #groundhog saw his shadow. #springiscoming but it isn’t quite here yet.

When I lived in #LyonsCo, one of the local artists had a #FlowersinFebruary art show every year. I, for one, thrive on color. I miss my #DaylilyGarden. In the words of the #MamasandPapas – “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.”

Fast Forward to Spring – Flowers in February Sale 20% OFF all month on Etsy! #fastforwardtospring

So, let’s add some color! On sale this month – I have my #originalart and #photoprints. The #paintings are done in #acrylic on 8×8 #woodpanels. All are based on photos of my own #garden in #MontroseCo. The #photoprints are taken of the #originalpaintings.

Original art – Mesa Verde Daylily in acrylic
A few of our paintings and photo prints currently available on Etsy

I also have painted pots with daylilies and #begonias on them on sale this month! These are handpainted with base colors in #chalkpaint and the flower in bright acrylic paint. The sizes vary from 2.5 inches to 6 inches. Daylilies depicted include #RubySpider, #MiniPearl, #BelaLugosi, #PrimalScream, #cripplecreek and the begonia is #firewoman.

6 inch painted pot with saucer – Ruby Spider Daylily
Here are some examples of the painted pots currently available in my Etsy shop

I also still have #ornaments that are not necessarily for #Christmas. My daughter hangs hers from the curtain rod as #accentdecor. I think these would look great in the #summergarden, as well. These are handpainted #chalkpaint base with #brilliantacrylic flowers on a resilient plastic ornament. Daylilies depicted are #BlackIce, #SantaFeChristmas, #SantasPants and #CandyCaneDreams. Perfect for #ChristmasinJuly

Santa Fe Christmas daylily ornament
Video showing our ornaments available at Etsy

Our #PositivePsychology #greetingcards feature my original #daylilyart and #southwesternart with the themes of #flourish, #hope and #resilience. I offer some great prices for multiple cards – so February is a great time to stock up. #daylilycards

Positive Psychology Greeting Cards
Video of our positive psychology greeting cards

I also have a #vintagesaucepan with a daylily painted on the base. This would be great #gardendecor or for a #creativekitchen theme. The daylily depicted is #ElDesperado. The base is chalk paint with a stunning acrylic flower.

Green vintage saucepan with El Desperado Daylily

Don’t miss our Flowers in February Sale on Etsy! Shop today!

Visit our #daylilyblog @coloradokiddaylilies

Positive Psychology Greeting Cards – Now available!

Positive Psychology greeting cards

Colorful positive psychology greeting cards featuring our original art. Positive psychology concepts, such as flourishing, hope and resilience. Related quotes inside each card. See video for more details. Order on my Etsy Shop at this link.