The Midwife’s Nursery and Brightly Painted Plant Pots.

Twas the week after Christmas, when all through the nursery, many cuttings were rooting with outstanding diversity.

Winter bloom on angel wing begonia

Yet, as the winter temperature fall, the daylight becomes longer. Warmer weather is coming soon enough. And I’m gearing up for it already in The Midwife’s Nursery. That’s the NEW name of Art from the Hartt’s plant nursery. Visit my Etsy Shop at the icon below to check out all listings.

Navy 4 inch terra cotta pots with gold daylily
Turquoise 4 inch terra cotta pots with purple begonia leaf

As we wait for those roots to grow and days to warm up, I’m focusing on building my inventory of art. December seems to be pot month. While I live in Colorado, I mean painted plant pots.

Miniature 2.5 inch terra cotta pots with daylily designs
Another style of mini plant pot with orange daylily
Another fairy garden size pot with red daylily

IDK about you, but I find winter to be dreary. I need color. I cherish my winter blooming houseplants but miss my daylilies. So, I decided on painted pots with bright daylily blooms. I also have a batch with purple and silver Rex Begonia leaves. Each pot comes with a 20% discount on a future plant purchase from The Midwife’s Nursery department.

This is a 6 inch terra cotta pots with a red daylily

I also painted this vintage saucepan with a daylily. Wouldn’t this look cool in the kitchen or garden?

Vintage saucepan with decorative daylily

BTW, I should mention that all my terra cotta pots are sealed inside with modge podge and painted with a base of chalk paint, giving them a very matte finish. The flowers are acrylic and really stand out from the background.

Art from the Hartt art cove area

From spring, I’ll be featuring more vintage planters, redecorated. You will get an option to include a plant once the weather warms. TTFN.

Coleus propagation station

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