Flowers in February SALE!

Winter is winding down. I feel the warmth of the sun in the afternoon. But, still, it is February. The #groundhog saw his shadow. #springiscoming but it isn’t quite here yet.

When I lived in #LyonsCo, one of the local artists had a #FlowersinFebruary art show every year. I, for one, thrive on color. I miss my #DaylilyGarden. In the words of the #MamasandPapas – “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.”

Fast Forward to Spring – Flowers in February Sale 20% OFF all month on Etsy! #fastforwardtospring

So, let’s add some color! On sale this month – I have my #originalart and #photoprints. The #paintings are done in #acrylic on 8×8 #woodpanels. All are based on photos of my own #garden in #MontroseCo. The #photoprints are taken of the #originalpaintings.

Original art – Mesa Verde Daylily in acrylic
A few of our paintings and photo prints currently available on Etsy

I also have painted pots with daylilies and #begonias on them on sale this month! These are handpainted with base colors in #chalkpaint and the flower in bright acrylic paint. The sizes vary from 2.5 inches to 6 inches. Daylilies depicted include #RubySpider, #MiniPearl, #BelaLugosi, #PrimalScream, #cripplecreek and the begonia is #firewoman.

6 inch painted pot with saucer – Ruby Spider Daylily
Here are some examples of the painted pots currently available in my Etsy shop

I also still have #ornaments that are not necessarily for #Christmas. My daughter hangs hers from the curtain rod as #accentdecor. I think these would look great in the #summergarden, as well. These are handpainted #chalkpaint base with #brilliantacrylic flowers on a resilient plastic ornament. Daylilies depicted are #BlackIce, #SantaFeChristmas, #SantasPants and #CandyCaneDreams. Perfect for #ChristmasinJuly

Santa Fe Christmas daylily ornament
Video showing our ornaments available at Etsy

Our #PositivePsychology #greetingcards feature my original #daylilyart and #southwesternart with the themes of #flourish, #hope and #resilience. I offer some great prices for multiple cards – so February is a great time to stock up. #daylilycards

Positive Psychology Greeting Cards
Video of our positive psychology greeting cards

I also have a #vintagesaucepan with a daylily painted on the base. This would be great #gardendecor or for a #creativekitchen theme. The daylily depicted is #ElDesperado. The base is chalk paint with a stunning acrylic flower.

Green vintage saucepan with El Desperado Daylily

Don’t miss our Flowers in February Sale on Etsy! Shop today!

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I am an advanced practice registered nurse living in Montrose, Colorado. I am a life-long student of resilience, optimism, and positive psychology. Blogging about flowers creates balance and happiness in life

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